How Does Long Time Perspective Relate To Success?

Published: 30th January 2007
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You often hear people say that they are so busy that they have no time for exercise, self improvement, leisure or family or to look for new opportunities.

Sometimes, you just wonder why? Is it just an excuse to be lazy? Of course, there are genuine cases where one has to shoulder 3 or more persons's work in order to stay in the job. But you then wonder how their bosses manage their time given the heavier responsilbilty and greater scope of work. Some may say that the boss delegates. Well, it may not be the boss whom we are talking about. It could be a fellow colleague!

Time management is an important skill. As the saying goes: Time and tide waits for no man!

In order to do well in life, we should manage our time to do the task or activity that are important to us. How do we determine whether something is important or not? The answer lies in the potential consequences of any task or activity.

According to Brian Tracy, this way of evaluating the significance of a task is how you determine what your next frog really is.

Our attitude towards time, our "time horizon," has an enormous impact on our behavior and our choices. People who take the long view of their lives and careers always seem to make much better decisions about their time and activities than people who give very little thought to the future. It was found that people with long time perspective tend to be more successful in life and at work.

Think About Our Future

Successful people have a clear vision of their future. They think five, ten and twenty years ahead. To achieve their long-term goals, their actions, choices and behaviours will be consistent with what they desire in the future.

We should also have a clear idea of what is really important in our work in the long-term so that it is easier for us to make better decision about the priorities in the short-term. This also applies to every aspect of our lives.

Determine the Consequences

We should always ask yourself before we begin, "What are the potential consequences of doing or not doing this task?"

As long as our intentions are clear, we will have greater influence on what we do in the moment. We will be capable of evaluating whether what we are doing now is consistent with what we truly want to end up with and we can be assured that we are going the right direction.

Make It A Top Priority

Always get started immediately on task or activity that has large potential positive consequences. Make it a top priority!

The same can be said of something that has large potential negative consequences. We need to give it top priority as well.

Keep Motivated

In order to be motivated, we need motive. When we are motivated, we will overcome procrastination and get the task or activity done quickly. This is because of the positive potential consquence the task or activity has on us.

Thinking continually about the potential consequences of your choices, decisions and behaviors is one of the very best ways to determine you true priorities in your work and personal life.

Action To Be Taken

Always review our list of tasks, activities and projects and continually ask ourself, "Which one project or activity, if I did it in an excellent and timely fashion, would have the greatest positive impact on my life?"

Go to work on whatever it is that can help us the most. Set it as a goal, make a plan to achieve it and go to work on your plan immediately.

Quote from the wonderful words of Goethe, "Just begin and the mind grows heated; continue, and the task will be completed!"

Start from now, set our priorities right, remove procrastination and embark on a successful life.

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